The Satanic Vade Meccum Adam Jeremy Capps

ISBN: 9781300487739

Published: December 7th 2012


166 pages


The Satanic Vade Meccum  by  Adam Jeremy Capps

The Satanic Vade Meccum by Adam Jeremy Capps
December 7th 2012 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 166 pages | ISBN: 9781300487739 | 9.60 Mb

The evil book of everything from an author that began as Satanic, later became Christian, then Christian Satanic and has since become unshakingly Satanic. It teaches that God is a false God and that IT as he calls Him is destructive, far more evil than the Satanic. This is a book of everything Satanic: from Satanic Churches to behavioral spells and the mystery of the Dark Path.

Satanism has many voices. This voice is for the lost sheep but more for the wolves that prey on them. It is a Satanists guide to everything Satanic. It teaches creation of Satanic churches and how to make the world more Satanic. Its followers are destined to be warlocks and warlords over Satans Gaia. It IS about Devil worship it IS about deliberate evil. Its hateful, blasphemous. Its clever at the same time. It surpasses Satanism and Satanic books that were before it. It challenges its reader to pursue the Satanic side of perfection. Its Freudian, Darwinian, LaVeyian, and it defiantly stands apart from everything Christian!

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